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50mm Diameter Hig Percision Low Speed Dc Gear Motor GM50-500TB

Sep 30, 2017

2rpm 50mm 6v dc gear motor with spur gearbox             


MOTOR From TT Motor, 12v 24v 7.2V all available

Motor, electirc motor,planetary gear motor, stepper motor 

  • Widely used  in automatic actuator,electrice lock,Power Lock,Monitor,Precision instrument,Mini mechanism,Robotic, Financial apparatus,auto dvd, medical use

  • voltage range:6V

  • Speed:2RPM

  • size:50*31.5 mm,just 31.5 mm length mini motor

  • Low noise,low current no spark

  • Motor with encoder,12 pulse signal

  • Reduction Ratio: 75,150,250,340,500

  •  motor direction:CW & CCW

  •  can match with pinions,wires,and encoders(3ppr)

  • working temperature:-40~+60°c

  • we can provide samples for your test.

  • rotating speed is constant and can be made as you required. 

motor quick look

rated torque2.5kg.cm
motor type6v motor

Parameters and dimensions of 2rpm 50mm 6v dc gear motor with spur gearbox


Motor Picture

Motor can be made with different shaft D-cut, with encoder 3ppr.

Motor diamension