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24BYJ48 Stepper Motor

Jan 12, 2018

24BYJ48 stepper motor

Stepping motor 24BYJ48-5V The specific meaning of this model:

24 - said the effective maximum stepper motor diameter is 24mm.

B - that is stepping motor, "Step" Pinyin (Bu) beginning of the letter.

Y - means that the stepper motor is permanent magnet, "Yong" Chinese pinyin (Yong) at the beginning of the letter.

J - said that the stepper motor deceleration type, "minus" pinyin (Jian) beginning of the letter.

So, BYJ together that - permanent magnet deceleration stepper motor.

48 - that four-phase eight beat, the stepper motor is a four-phase eight-step stepping motor.

5V - that the stepper motor rated voltage of 5V, and is the DC voltage.


(1.) The stepping motor step angle is: 5.625 ° / 64, of course there are other reduction ratio, 37/1 32/1 25/1 16/1

(2.) It is a permanent magnet stepper motor (PM) and then built-in reducer, so called permanent magnet stepper motor.

(3.) It has a total of four pairs of poles, that is, four phases.


About the four-phase eight stepper motor wiring (that is, what you call "four-phase five-wire")

This stepper motor, 24BYJ48 a total of five lines, followed by: red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, five colors.

Among them, the blue and yellow is a pair, orange and pink is a pair, and the red thread is the common thread of these two sets of coil taps.

Blue and yellow, orange and pink, is connected to the control pulse output, the red line is connected to +5 V DC power supply.