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The future motor is brushless: The advantages and application prospects of brushless DC motors

May 07, 2018

Brushless DC motors do not have brushes and commutators, so they have their name. Composed of a motor body and a driver, it is a typical electromechanical integration product. As a “newcomer” in the motor industry, although the history of brushless DC motors entering China is not long and the price is higher than that of brushed motors, the development momentum can be described as rapid because of the obvious advantages of brushless motors. After entering China, it was rapidly favored by household appliances, automobiles, ships, and machinery industries, and it took a place among various industries and developed rapidly.

Brushless DC motors are small, lightweight, long life, high efficiency, low noise, vibration, no spark, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance. With its outstanding performance, brushless DC motors quickly attracted the attention of manufacturers such as “small, light, and thin” audiovisual products, silent home appliances, and luxury cars. As a result, countries have also accelerated the development of brushless motor products and have taken up market forces. Many companies in Japan have successfully applied brushless DC motors to digital cameras, miniature tape recorders, camcorders, printers, storage movers, mobile phones, and automotive air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles, and heart pumps.

It is believed that in time, the price will not become a stumbling block to the brushless motor occupation of the motor market. In the foreseeable future, brushless motors will completely eliminate brushed motors, and motor products will enter the “brushless era”. In order to welcome the “brushless era”, X-TEAM provides customers with standard products, modified products and various customized products. Through X-TEAM integration of optimized systems and excellent parts, customers can greatly reduce the development time. Our professional application experience allows us to meet customer needs by modifying standard products or developing custom products.